Who accompanies you?

I am a doctor and have been working for over 20 as a medical psychotherapist with adolescents and their families, as well as a counselor, coach, therapist and systemic Supervisor with people of all ages.

With my wife and our two children I live in the south of Berlin.

Being outdoors with light backpack and sturdy shoes on untraveled paths, I love very much.

Especially when I get in touch with people from other cultures and their stories. This passion has taken me to the most remote places on the globe. of this globe.

My attitude and methods

My basic attitude corresponds to a deeply humanistic view of man.

I am firmly convinced that people do have all the potential that leads them out of a crisis, already within themselves, i.e. they are the spark for their own personal growth. Often this potential just seems to be buried.

The most important basis for a good client and therapist or coach is sympathy and a trusting relationship. I see the meaning of my work in the sensitive perception of my of my clients and in the professional promotion of inner growth and personal development.

I am enthusiastic about everything that increases our our resilience, our vitality and our abilities for self-regulation and and finding solutions.

To experience how people I work with gradually become more flexible, free and more self-reliant, remember their own strengths, abilities and values, actually grow, … this has something very positive and always motivates me a lot.

I experience Walk & Talk as a setting highly effective, meaningful and growth-promoting with my clients. It provides the framework in a natural way for all that makes good sustainable therapy, consulting and efficient coaching needs: Space, clarity and new perspectives.

With many years of professional experience I have found that integrative, individualized approaches help my clients to find their own way out of the crisis.

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), a modern form of behavioral therapy alongside systemic therapy and existential psychotherapy, has influenced my therapy and counseling style the most.

In addition, I integrate methods and approaches from

  • Cognitive-emotional behavioral therapy
  • Mindfulness-Based Therapy (MBSR)
  • Emotion-focused therapy (according to Leslie Greenberg)
  • Clinical hypnotherapy (according to Milton Erikson)
  • and classical coaching


  • born 1969 in Berlin
  • Study of medicine and doctorate at the University Hospital of the Charité Berlin
  • Additional training at the Institute for Tropical Medicine in Liverpool / UK
  • Medical activities in Central America and California
  • Acquisition of the medical specialization for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Psychotherapy as behavior therapist
  • Many years of senior medical in the outpatient and clinical setting of the DRK Klinikum Westend/Berlin
  • Experience during the entire medical-psychotherapeutic activity with people of all ages age groups, families and couples
  • Trainer at the Institute for Scientific Psychotherapy Berlin (AWP) and at the Institute for Systemic Therapy (ISI) Berlin.
    There also training as Systemic Supervisor.
  • Lecturer at national and and international psychotherapeutic congresses and psychotherapy days / focus on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), emotion-focused therapy, eating disorders, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorders and dealing with shame

What else is important to me

With my work I would like to support a foundation that focuses its activities on people for a self-determined life.

The Neven Subotic Foundation uses donations for building up wells and sanitary facilities in communities and schools in rural areas of of Ethiopia. 785 million people worldwide do not have access to a simple drinking water supply. This means they lack the basic necessities of life and the prerequisites for health, education and a self-determined future. Through its projects, the foundation enables thousands of people access to clean drinking water and thus a more humane, self-determined life.

Something like this inspires me.

I have therefore decided to donate 5 Euros of my hourly fee to this foundation.