My offer is directed exclusively to self-payers. Read here about the advantages as a self-payer.

My fee corresponds to the usual fee of a psychotherapeutically experienced doctor and senior coach. It is additionally graded according to the context of the client and the content of the assignment.

The concrete arrangement takes place in our initial telephone call.

Bookings of regular follow-up appointments are possible and reasonable. We can arrange single appointments and and series of appointments according to your time schedule. The frequency and intervals between appointments are determined by you.

For a multi-day “South Tyrol-Intensive W&T Personal Coaching” I charge including overnight stay, depending on the type of assignment, type of accommodation and client a daily rate of 1200 -1500 Euro. ( Friday-Sunday). Additional days are possible by agreement.
More about it here.

Advantages as a self-payer

As a self-payer you bear the costs yourself, but you have the following significant advantages.

Hardly any waiting time

You will usually get an appointment for a first Walk& Talk with me usually within 1-3 weeks. The long wait for a therapy to begin due to the reimbursement procedure of the health insurance companies is unnecessary. Even if you have interruptions spontaneous appointments, this is possible at short notice.

Individual length and duration

As a self-payer, you determine the length and frequency of the sessions as well as the duration of the therapy yourself. You are not bound to the classic 50 minutes per session and to certain minimum and
maximum number of hours in accordance with the guidelines for psychotherapy are not applicable.

You remain completely flexible.

Discretion and data protection

As a self-payer you enjoy the the advantage of absolute discretion. For the assumption of costs for the health insurance companies require a psychological report with information with details of the “mental disorder(s)” coded according to ICD 10.”.

The fact that no data is passed on to official and health insurance companies, there are no disadvantages when switching to private health insurance or a health insurance or supplementary health insurance, as information on the treatment of the patient information about treatments of the last 5 years is often requested. are requested.

If you are planning to become a civil servant, as a self-payer there is no risk that you will be refused because of having had an official psychotherapy.