Walk & Talk

Dr. med. Alexander Brümmerhoff


Berlin & Potsdam

as well as online worldwide

Therapy- Coaching – Supervision
…while walking

“The secret of moving forward
is to take the first step”
— Mark Twain


In my Walk&Talk setting
you are well protected

  • we walk on wide paths with enough distance
  • my “outdoor office” is well ventilated

Welcome to my website,

I am glad that you have found me.

Do you know this?
Sometimes you seem to be stuck in life – professionally, privately or emotionally and need support to deal with difficult feelings, thoughts life circumstances or decision-making issues. You ponder, ask friends or colleagues, and yet sometimes you just can’t get away from the from the spot.

This is exactly the right time to get well-founded professional support.

As an experienced psychotherapist psychotherapist, doctor and coach, I offer you exactly this kind of support.

However, in an unusual setting.

Out in the open nature while walking.

With Walk &Talk you literally literally set out with me to find new solutions. Solutions and changes that are in harmony with what is really meaningful to you, give you inner strength, and a feeling of satisfaction.

Alexander Brümmerhoff, MD

The trailer is also available on YouTube

"Thank you for your competent support. You helped me in an extremely difficult phase of my life after the separation from my partner on the walks in the park."

– K.P., male, 40 y. –

"My work stress was increasing due to the competitive pressure in the office more and more. I could no longer sleep. Sitting across from a therapist in a practice for hours was out of the question for me. Walking with you step by step perfectly suited method for me. This allowed me to rethink my professional situation much more successfully."

– S.W., male, 51 –

"Your advice on the way to my freelance work was very valuable for me. With the self-doubts that kept me from doing so before, I can now handle them a lot better. "

– P.J., female, 37 yrs –

"Thank you for being so empathetic, perceptive and compassionate. You were just listening and asking questions in the right places. That way you have made me think and act in the right places. At first I thought that walking outside and talking was not for me, then it seemed just right."

– A.G. female, 45 J. –

A foundation I would like to support

Neven Subotic Foundation

I donate 5 Euros of my Walk & Talk hourly fee to the Neven Subotic Foundation. More about it here.

In my blog I will report about this foundation and their ongoing projects.